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I learned about Sonila's tarot reading and thought of giving a try. I must say her predictions are bang on. She explains in a way that one not only get their answers but her guidance helps in taking a right decision. Sonila's main purpose is to help people with her tarot reading and show right direction. May be that's why majority of her predictions never goes wrong and there is always a positivity in her approach. I thank Sonila for the guidance and support.
Ms.Amita Samant
HR professional, Mumbai
It was nice to know about Tarot reading as I was unaware of this kind of prediction process.I opted to give it a try, after hearing the trust worthy detailing from a close friend of mine. To my surprise, Sonila Dutta was very kind and patience enough to listen and understand in details the undergoing troubles of a person and provided the right practical answers for the questions asked. I Thank her alot for her that and I felt it was crystal clear detailing in giving hopes on what’s expected in near future and could predict or match with current happenings. I would definitely like to refer her to my friends to get an idea on their future predictions rather than breaking their heads within themselves.
Mr. Sarvanan
IT professional, London UK
Earlier I had very limited knowledge about tarrot reading and its benefits. After getting introduced to Sonila, I got a session done with her. I felt amazing.Her predictions and advices with regard to certain problems are incredibly focussed and accurate.I wish her all success in life.
Mr. Arun Das
Govt. Administative Officer, Odisha.
I heard from my childhood that time is the best medicine! It heals everything. But as a grown up I realized that we need to heal from inside, rather a time point healing where forcibly we stop remembering those injured memories. After recommendation from a common friend, I contacted Sonila Dutta and had my Tarot session with her. It was wonderful and I could say her soothing voice and clarity in explanations made me feel better within minutes. Now I could definitely say we should heal ourselves with a master and for me it's my beloved friend Sonila. I would strongly recommend others to come out of their problems and enjoy Life taking help of Sonila.
Dr.Jayalakshmi Dash
Scientist, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
My tarot cards reading session with Sonila was my first try. I had never strongly believe in this kind of stuff earlier but post the session I felt so good and positive.. There are few things I needed clarity , which I got . I think god has sent me to her to understand my lifes meaning better . Her personal suggestions also helped me a lot to think clearly. Thankyou Sonila for helping me 😊
Ms. Jashleen Kaur
student, Mumbai
Tarot card reading is not that popular in Odisha. One of my colleagues recommended tarot reading with Sonila Dutta of Mumbai. After a few sessions, I think I will recommend her tarot reading to everyone who are inquisitive to know in about there future. Her readings are almost accurate & her advices are amazing .It definitely helps.
Ms. Sikta Mohapatra
Banker, Bhubaneswar Odisha

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I was introduced to Sonila Dutta by my younger sister. Pist taking an appointment with her, to my surprise her reading session went off like an open book. Our conversation was so soothing intellectual and divine that I was awestruck. She surprised me with excellence in this field that touches the nook and corner of my life. Her softness and tender approach towards others problem stands out with amazing solutions. May lord Jagannath bless her.
Mrs. Subhalaxmi Dash
Government servant R & DM department , Odisha
I am new to Tarot card reading and didn't have any knowledge about it.I have taken my first session with Sonila in which she was kind enough to tell me the science behind Tarot.There were few professional hindrances in my life whose answers I have been looking for.Sonila was able to gimme a clear picture of my current situation with her readings.Her predictions are precise and her personal advice helped me to clear out my head and work towards my goal.Her predictions have come true in today's date.
Mrs. Richa Devi
IT professional, London UK
Sonila’s reading is very precise and accurate. She understands your question very well and then gives you an in-depth solution to your problem. She naturally connects and is very emphatic. Her tarot knowledge and reading has helped us find light on the other side of the tunnel. I highly recommend her to see your future or in doubt to take the next step. Thank you Sonila for all the advice, your passion and knowledge in tarot reading has truly helped us all.
Mr. Aamir Kapasi
AVP Risk and control management, Mumbai

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Even thought I was aware of about tarot card reading, I never had a first hand experience of the same. When introduced to Mrs.Sonila Dutta, I got my tarot card reading done for the first time. There were few dilemma which were hovering around my head for past few months, I wanted better transparency and directions. And this all came through the cards which was precisely explained by the reader and was counselled. Some of her predictions came true with in the time frame mentioned by her. I'm very happy I reached out to her and took her help.
Mr. Ritwik Mohanty
Quality Assurance Associate, Manufacturing Sector, London UK
I will always and forever now recommend Sonila to all my friends and family. She is so kind, supportive, and helpful....one of the Best Tarot reading I have ever had. Each thing that Sonila has told me after doing a reading for me has been true & accurate. Thank you for your time & energy, God Bless you and keep shining like this
Mrs.Tejal Shenoy
I chose to get my tarot readings done when I wasn’t sure about lot of things in my life. It was a phase, when a lot of changes were happening on in my life and I felt like seeking feeling guidance. Sonila Dutta gave me exactly what I needed, whether it’s encouragement for the path or slight course corrections to get me closer to my goal. She can look at a situation and manages to present it in a positive way! Her integrity, intuition, and skill are unparalleled.
Mrs.Pallavi Mohapatra
Manager, IT professional, Mumbai
I had never experienced a tarrot card reading before..but after a tarrot card session with sonila, it felt like she is answering all my questions accurately . As if she knows everything about me before...she was great, I also bonded very well with her like a friend..like an angel she came into my life.She predicted that within 3 months I will get a job and yes I did get a job..thank you so much sonila
Mrs. Bibhuti Mayekar
Sr.Manager, lT professional, Mumbai
I have taken a tarot card session with Sonila Dutta as per suggestion of my closest friend. Before attending the session I was very curious about card reading, as I didn't know anything about it.but the session turned out to be great.She told me so many accurate things about me. I would say mostly 90 percent things correctly about me.Sonila is a punctual person and professionally perfect.She really want her client to get the best service from her. I had suggested to my brother and to one of my friend about taking the tarot card reading session with Sonila and their experience is also great. Sonilas knowledge about the card reading is excellent which is very helpful. Thank you Sonila
Mrs. Snehal Gharat
Sr.Manager, IT professional, Mumbai
I came to know about Sonila mam from my elder sister.I got the tarot reading done from Sonila mam for my daughter .I felt almost all the things she told a d predicted about my daughter are accurate. All are becoming true . She is very sober and has perfect understanding about the subject.
Mrs.Itishree Das
Home maker, Odisha
sonila dutta mohapatra

We all desire our life to be full of happiness and prosperity, however destiny at times unfolds many unwanted events. Still, there is always a way to solve our problems.

Sonila Mohapatra Dutta

I did not believe in the science of Tarrot cards till I got it introduced by Sonila. Still remember the first time I had my session. I went with an open mind without having any expectations though. However, as we progressed in our discussions, I was amazed to see how well Sonila interpreted my past which probably only I knew. She really corelated the current situation well as to what I was going through, how I was feeling, my challenges, emotions, etc. Her predictions for me came true in the timelines she had mentioned. I must say the whole experience was amazing. Since then my belief for Tarrot has firmed up and Sonila is my go to person whenever I need help. Sonila is a thorough professional, good listener, gives you enough time, does not rush through her session and patiently explains you what she could see in the cards. I would surely recommend her to anyone who is seeking help from Tarrot. Thanks Sonila for all your help. You rock!!!

Mr. Hatim Kapasi

Sr. HR professional, Ahmedabad

My experience with Sonila Dutta’s tarot reading session has been remarkable, with high levels of consistency, accuracy and straight to the point reading. She gives ample amount of time for each session which helps in detailed discussions.

Mrs. Sunita Chari

HR professional, Mumbai

Sonila has been a very knowledgable person and her advice has always proven to be useful through tarot card reading. She is a great counsellor and she always provides positive solutions to any problems.
It will certainly bring lots of positive changes in the person if these recommendations are pursued thoroughly.
I thank Sonila once again for all the helpful advice.

Ms.Vipra Wagle

HR professional, Mumbai